Teaching Assistant – For Learners

If you have a drive for working with children and a passion for supporting and encouraging their learning and development in a school setting, then studying towards a teaching assistant qualification may be for you.

Why become a TA?

Teaching Assistant roles are a rewarding and flexible career path, that is easily managed around a busy family life. It also offers opportunities to support children and teachers, and help leave a positive impact on their learning and development. In this role you will have the opportunity to set professional goals, have access to in-house training and further development courses or workshops.

You could make a difference and support teachers, children and their families in the classroom; developing and supporting their learning journey, as well as your own personal development journey. At Reach4Skills, we can fully support you on your journey to becoming a qualified teaching assistant, using a personalised approach to the highest standard.

How does it work?

We use an online learning system which uses various teaching techniques to suit all learning styles, these include online lessons, learning resources, e-portfolio and communication systems and combine that with workshop, tutorials and 1-2-1 taught sessions.

Learners can track their progress as they continue with their course, and can see the percentage they have achieved so far.

Tutors can mark work swiftly and give learners feedback immediately via the e-portfolio. Tutors and learners can also keep in contact using the email system.

Our courses particularly require a more personalized approach to learning, and our Tutors will make every effort to tailor the course to suit the needs of each learner. This is especially effective for any learners with additional learning needs.

Learners do not need to take time out of a busy school schedule to go to college as our Tutors will mainly come to you for any observations required. This means learners can fit in their qualification alongside their current job or placement.  If an apprenticeship, employers will need to supply paid learning time within the working week for independent study (minimum of 4 hours a week).

 What do you need to become a qualified TA?

  • To be working or volunteering in a school setting in order to support your learning by being able to demonstrate practical knowledge and skills.
  • To have a passion for supporting children’s learning and development
  • The drive to want to further yourself professionally

Is there anything else I need to know?

  • Prices do vary from course to course, so please look carefully under the specific course information
  • Course completion times can vary from 6 – 18 months
  • The TA qualification is suitable for working with Year 1+, however, if you wish to work with reception children, we would highly recommend our Early Years Educator qualification.
  • We can support and offer assistance in finding a school placement to support your studies (learning in a setting whilst studying is an important part of your learning journey. It is required for you to gain valuable practice based experience, knowledge and skills)
  • We currently offer three recognized TA qualifications, and the EYE qualifications for Early Years’ children. Please read through each course carefully to ensure you pick the perfect qualification for you or contact us for advise.

Qualifications Available:

Please see the relevant qualification page for specific information.