Customer Service Level 2

One of the most popular Apprenticeships in the UK, the customer service industry covers many sectors and job roles that are relevant to Intermediate Apprentices.

There are a wide variety of other job roles that are complemented by customer service skills at this level and a variety individuals in different job roles could benefit from choosing to undertake the Customer Service Intermediate Apprenticeship.

Those Apprentices completing their Intermediate Apprenticeship can go on to further training and education such as the Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Service or other Advanced Apprenticeships where customer service plays an important part e.g. Business Administration.

What does the qualification cover?
This qualification provides learners with a wide range of knowledge and skills required to work in a customer service role. It provides learners with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver customer service, understand customers and employer organisations. Optional units in this qualification cover developing customer relationships, resolving customer complaints and providing reception services.

This qualification consists of the following mandatory units:

  • Deliver customer service
  • Understand customers
  • Principles of customer service
  • Understand employer organisations
  • Manage personal performance and development


 Who is it suitable for?
This qualification is ideal for people who have the scope to bring about permanent improvements in service delivery that benefits their organisation and its customers. Learners don’t necessarily have to be in a role where they’re directly responsible for people and will benefit those already working in, or seeking work in a customer related role.

What are the entry requirements?
This qualification is suitable for learners aged 16 and above. This qualification has no specific entry requirements.

How is it assessed?
Internally assessed and externally moderated portfolio of evidence.

How long does it take to complete? 

Guided Learning Hours are 247-304. Apprenticeships are required to be a minimum of a year and 1 day.

What could this qualification lead to?

  • Junior/apprentice customer service assistant
  • Junior/apprentice secretary
  • Junior/apprentice receptionist
  • Junior/apprentice personal assistant

What related qualifications can you progress to?
Learners completing this qualification can progress to:

  • Level 3 Diploma in Customer Service
  • Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration