Adult Education Course Delivery

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for our Adult Education Courses. However, learners may find it helpful if they’ve already achieved a Level 1 qualification.

Our courses are delivered on a flexible learning basis. This means that all of your study will take place away from your Assessor/Tutor. It helps to carefully plan your studying so that you get the most out of your course.

Your Assessor/Tutor will be available to support and guide you through the programme. They’re experts in your area of study and experienced in helping many different types of learners.

All Adult Education Courses are done via distance learning. Image shows a blue button on a keyboard with 'distance learning' text.

You will be issued workbooks with several knowledge activities that help you to focus on the various topics in your chosen subject. These are informal activities that help to consolidate your knowledge. In the last section of the workbooks you are given the opportunity to complete the extension activities.

When you have completed the workbooks, you should attempt the Assessment activities. You must fully complete each question with the assessments. Your Assessor/tutor will then review your answers and give you detailed written feedback. They may ask you to amend some of your answers if they do not meet the criteria but they will explain what to do next so you can resubmit your answers again.

Once your Assessor/Tutor has confirmed you have met the criteria fully they will submit your work for moderation. This will show the work has been completed to the Assessor/Tutor satisfaction.

A sample of your work may be reviewed by an external moderator. Their role is not to assess your work as this is the responsibility of the Assessor Tutor but to monitor the quality and of the marking and feedback that you receive form the Assessor/tutor.

When you have successfully achieved all the assessments for the qualification your certificate will be requested from your Awarding Organisation and sent you in recognition of your achievement.

The full list of Adult Education courses available can be found here.