Recruitment Service

Apprenticeships are changing, so are we..

Considering the government’s recent plan to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships to reach its commitment of 3 million by 2020, Reach4Skills are adapting their recruitment processes to support our employers with this anticipated growth.

Our recruitment process remains free of charge with the same high level of service as you have previously received, but giving your more autonomy over the applications you will receive via the Find an Apprentice website.

Reach4Skills use the website to capture all the information from applicants on education, qualifications, work experience, strengths, skills, hobbies and interests along with any interview support needs to ensure all our candidates are treated fairly and all decisions are made objectively.

Two additional questions will now be asked about your vacancy to help personalise your advert, making it stand out from the rest, and giving you more opportunity to find out more about the applicant. This is great chance to highlight a passion or interest of the applicant or their industry knowledge. We can support you with these questions when thinking of the most suitable.

Reach4Skills will forward you all copies of your applications submitted via the website so you can shortlist your suitable candidates and progress them to the next stage, whether this is a formal interview, group assessment or any other method.

You are then able to contact them directly if you wish to. Our only condition for sourcing an apprentice is that you use Reach4skills as the training provider once you have employed them.  A recruitment fee may apply should a person be placed via our recruitment service and then not undertake a qualification with Reach4Skills